Best head tracking for gaming – TrackIR Alternative

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Best head tracking for gaming,
Head Tracker Full System with Camera and USB IR Clip great TrackIR Alternative

The Best Head tracking for gaming, IR Clip Plus Modded ps3 camera full system.

The best head tracking for gaming, Head Tracker Full System with Camera and USB IR Clip.
USB IR Gaming Clip + Camera Head Tracking Device. TrackIR Alternative
Also works with, FaceTrackNoIR , OpenTrack and the TrackIR Systems.

Q) How does it work?
A) You just use the webcam provided with the head tracking clip, Then install
the software from this website all info and pass codes are provided in the info pack.

Follow these easy steps and get Gaming.
1) Install The software from the website
2) Turn On the webcam (webcam is included) -make sure you have the webcam driver installed before you do this step.
3) Run your Game. Its that simple and you will have smooth head movement in games.

Some Compatible Games that work with with this set.
Elite: Dangerous, ARMA 2 & 3, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Assetto Corsa, and loads more 1000’s in fact and Most if not all new games allow this function.

The Head Tracker Clip is Designed and made in the United Kingdom by:

Package contents included.
  • 1 x Modded PS3 Camera.

  • 1 x Black Gaming IR Head Tracker 3 Point Clip.
  • 2 x Head Clip Ties (to fasten to headphones, glasses, Etc..)
  • info and help can be downloaded from this website: Here.

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