If your contact is related to software or drivers, it’s important to provide a valid email address for prompt assistance.

Please note that if you require me to send you any files or drivers that Gmail email addresses can cause issues with the delivery of files and drivers, as these types of accounts more often than not block the transfer of these files, This can result in emails being returned to me and a delay in the resolution of your inquiry, Therefore, i suggest using a different email provider to avoid any such problems.


In case you are looking for a secure and dependable email provider, I highly recommend, This completely free service offers encryption features to ensure that your messages are private and secure, it also offers a paid version if you need all the extras that a business might need. Tutanota is derived from the Latin words “tuta” and “nota,” which mean “secure message.”

I have no affiliate connection with Tutanota and am recommending it based on my own personal experience and extensive research, In today’s digital age, privacy and security are crucial. Using an email provider like Tutanota that offers encryption can give you the confidence that your information is safe and secure.


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