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Colloidal Silver Generator


Colloidal Silver Generator (Takes 1.5 mm Silver rods.) (Silver Rods/Electrodes are not included)

This Colloidal Silver Generator has a Power up Module Built in.


Colloidal Silver Generator
Colloidal Silver Generator header


Introducing the Colloidal Silver Generator! This innovative device is designed to work with 1.5 mm Silver rods, allowing you to easily create your own colloidal silver solution at home. Please note that the Silver rods/Electrodes are not included with the generator. Start enjoying the benefits of colloidal silver with our user-friendly and efficient Colloidal Silver Generator today.


This Colloidal Silver Generator has a Power up Module Built-in

Colloidal Silver Generator



Colloidal Silver Generator: This device operates on USB 5 volts and is equipped with a built-in Power up Module, providing the ideal 25 volts for generating Colloidal Silver.

A great accessory for any first aid kit and or medicine cabinet. The unit weighs just 34g and 49g with the USB cable, so is very portable. It can run off any USB outlet including wall adaptors, PC, Car Cigarette lighter adaptors, and Battery packs, So is great for all occasions, even if the mains power goes out, you can still use this device in times of need.

A fantastic little device for the price.

Colloidal Silver Generator electrode connectors


  • Colloidal Silver Generator Unit
  • USB Cable to power the device
  • 2 Red connectors for the Silver Electrodes. (Electrodes NOT included)
  • Cleaning pads for the Electrodes. (Electrodes NOT included)
  • User Guide
  • 1-year Warranty

No returns once opened because of health and safety issues. Click Here to see a demo video of it working.

Frequently asked questions. 
1) What quantity of water can be done in one go?
Any quantity, But all the times are for 100ml of water.
2) How long does it take?
100ml of distilled water running for 45mins will give you 10ppm.
3) What is the ppm of the produced colloidal silver?
100ml of distilled water running for 30mins=6ppm, 45mins=10ppm, 1hr=13ppm, 1.5hr=16ppm, 2hr=18ppm, 2.5hr=19ppm, 3hr=20ppm
4) How long do the silver electrodes last?
It depends on how often it’s used, if you use 1.5mm x 63mm Then the rods can last years with normal use, most people will use it once a week or once a month. The rods can be replaced if needed, so no need to buy the whole unit again.
5) Can i use tap water?
NO never use tap water not even filtered or purified tap water, ONLY use distilled water.
6) How do i power the generator?
The device comes with a USB lead and all you have to do is plug it into a USB socket like from a Laptop, a PC, a Car Cigarette lighter adaptor, a wall adaptor, a Battery Bank, and many more.
We suggest that you do your own research on whether colloidal silver may or may not help you.  We sell this kit for individual experimentation only, & no medical claims are made whatsoever.  This product has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Colloidal Silver Generator
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 1 reviews
 by Tim
Works very well, very happy

I recently purchased the version of the colloidal silver generator that doesn't come with electrodes, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with how well it works. I'm quite happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable and efficient generator. The product exceeded my expectations, and I'm pleased with how easy it was to use. Overall, it's a great investment for anyone interested in making colloidal silver at home.


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