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The Love Tree – Romantic Picture Art – Valentines Day Art


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The Love Tree – Fall in love with this enchanting piece of art that captures the essence of love and romance. The stunning scene features a beautiful white backdrop with a mesmerising red heart tree, its petals gracefully cascading down like a gentle breeze. In the foreground, we see an elegant basket attached to a charming bicycle, with this adding a touch of whimsy to this idyllic setting. Above it all, the words “I Love You” are written in text, encapsulating the emotions that inspired this breath taking work. This romantic picture art is perfect for any home decor or as a thoughtful gift to express your love and admiration, The Love Tree.

You will receive 5 high-resolution JPG files (300 DPI) that are ready to be printed at any of these sizes:

1 · (4:3 Ratio) for printing:
INCHES – 8″ x 6″ | 12″ x 9″ | 16″ x 12″ | 24″ x 18″
CM – 20 x 15cm | 32 x 24cm | 40 x 30cm | 60 x 45cm

2 · (3:2 Ratio) for printing:
INCHES – 9″ x 6″ | 12″ x 8″ | 15″ x 10″ | 18″ x 12″ | 36″ x 24″
CM – 24 x 16cm | 30 x 20cm | 36 x 24cm | 45 x 30cm | 60 x 40cm

3 · (5:4 Ratio) for printing:
INCHES – 10″ x 8″ | 20″ x 16″ | 30″ x 24″
CM – 25 x 20cm | 50 x 40cm

4 · (International Paper Size) for printing:
7″ x 5″ | A5 | A4 | A3 | A2 | A1
CM – 70 x 50cm

5 · for printing:
INCHES – 14″ x 11″
CM – 28 x 22cm

    After completing your purchase, you will receive the link to download your artwork.
    The files will be accessible in your SWC account at any time.
  • This listing is for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD and no physical product will be
    shipped. The frame is not included.
  • Please note that the artwork’s colours may slightly vary due to different colour
    monitors and printer settings. The positioning of the artwork may also vary slightly between different ratios to fit perfectly.
  • It is important to keep in mind that this purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, as all artwork is copyright of Stylized Visions, Use for your social media sites, blogs, websites, etc…

You are free to do what you want  but You can NOT sell copies or claim the art as your own work.
All artwork and prints are copyright of © Stylized Visions. The Images are NOT for commercial purposes. if you need commercial rights then contact me via this Form


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